Herb Gimbert

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Herb Gimbert, Sydney, NSW provided details of some of the Australian tunes in this archive.

"Herb Gimbert was born in Newcastle, NSW in 1888. He lived in Newcastle until about fourteen years of age, then moved to Maitland to work in the Greta coalmines. While on the Maitland field, he learned to play the tin whistle. A mate of his used to play whistle to another friend's banjo accompaniment, so Herb taught himself to do the same. He had previously taught himself to play the mouthorgan when as a boy, he purchased a 'Bushman' model for 1s. 6d.; he had also learned the accordion from his uncle, John Dillon, who played the mouthorgan and accordion for old-time dances. Herb moved to Sydney in 1923." <John Meredith, Folk Songs of Australia, Vol 1, p156>

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