Jack Canny

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Jack Canny, (1913-1996) was born in Co. Clare Ireland, part of a musical family that included his younger brother Paddy. Paddy was all Irish fiddle champion on three occasions. Jack was a talented sportsman. He was all Irish bicycle champion over 1000M at the age of 20. He moved to England in 1935 where he married. The family, with four children, later emigrated to Melbourne. He opted for Canberra, finding a much smaller city more to his liking, where he worked as a bricklayer. But Jack could play a fiddle too and he was 'discovered' by Terry McGee when Jack was laying bricks for Terry's home. You can read more about Jack here <https://irishbliss.org/2016/04/15/from-clare-to-canberra-the-jack-canny-story-part-2-about-jack/>

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