NFF Book 2009 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2009", played by Greg O'Leary (unless tagged otherwise). Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. 1,2,3,4 (notation)

2. Charlie Foster's Lancer's Set Tune (notation)

3. Teddy Crayton's Step Dance (notation)

4. Dick Cribb (notation)

5. George Bailey's 1st Reel (notation)

6. Joe Comini's Set Tune (notation)

7. Joe Yates Schottische Reel (notation)

8. Joe Yates' Unknown Reel (notation)

9. Joe Yates Whisky Reel (notation)

10. Take The Fiddle Off The Wall (notation)

11. 1910 (notation)

12. Bert Jamieson's Beauty No 1 (notation)

13. Bert Jamieson's Beauty No 2 (notation)

14. Bert Jamieson's Beauty No 3 (notation)

15. Bill Painter's First Set Tune (notation)

16. Dutchman Dancing (notation)

17. Magpie Jig (notation)

18. Pop Holland's Jig (notation)

19. Rita Baker's 1st Set, Fig 2 (notation)

20. Rita Baker's 3rd Jig (notation)

21. The Camels Are Coming (notation)

22. The Walk Around (notation)

23. Uncle Jim's (notation)

24. Victor Cherry's Jig (notation)

25. You Are A Fine Young Man (notation)

26. Garibaldi's March (notation)

27. The Grand Chain (Lancers) (notation)

28. The Sultan's Grand March (notation)

29. Pearly Watling's Mazurka (notation)

30. Frank Collins 1st Old Time Polka (notation)

31. Frank Collins 2nd Old Time Polka (notation)

32. Joe Yates Polka (notation)

33. Joe Yates Unnamed Polka No 1 (notation)

34. Joe Yates Unnamed Polka No 4 (notation)

35. Kreuz Polka (notation)

36. Old Woman From France (notation)

37. Bullshit Bill (notation)

38. Cosgrove's Schottische (notation)

39. Doug Daniel's Schottische (notation)

40. Green Grow The Rushes Oh (notation)

41. Gundy's Schottische (notation)

42. Hackett's Schottische (notation)

43. Hunter's River Schottische (notation)

44. Jack Guthridge's Schottische (notation)

45. Jim Napier's Schottische (notation)

46. Jimmy Jeffries' Schottische (notation)

47. Joe Yates Schottische No 2 (notation)

48. Tripping it Lightly (notation)

49. Heart and Soul of the Goanna (notation)

50. Tom Walsh's Varsovianna (notation)

51. Bert Jamieson's Waltz No 2 (notation)

52. Broken Down Merry-Go-Round (notation)

53. Doug Daniels' Waltz (notation)

54. Frank Collin's Waltz (notation)

55. George Blackman's Untitled Waltz (notation)

56. Herb Henn's Waltz (notation)

57. Hometown Waltz (notation)

58. The Mary Jane Waltz (notation)

59. Mist Over the Valley (notation)

60. Gervasoni Waltz No 6 (notation)

61. Stan Treacy's Starry Night For a Ramble (notation)

62. Tom's Verandah Waltz (notation)

63. Under the Willow (notation)

64. Your Smile Tonight Mother Dear (notation)

65. When Clouds Have Vanished, Violin 1 (notation)

66. When Clouds Have Vanished, Violin 2 (notation)

67. When Clouds Have Vanished, Violin 3 (notation)