Midnight Waltz

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T:Midnight Waltz
% NFF Book 2020
S:collected from The Kurtz Family, Mudgee, NSW
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA Bib ID: 2199666
H:In 1984 Brad Tate and Dave de Hugard together recorded Stan Treacy
H:playing two waltzes one after the other. The first waltz, untitled by
H:Stan Treacy at that time, we now know to be 'The Mary Jane Waltz'.
H:Stan Treacy named the second waltz as the 'Midnight Waltz', but this
H:was misunderstood by Brad, who thought the title applied to the
H:first tune rather than the second tune. In consequence 'The Mary Jane Waltz'
H:is misnamed as the 'Midnight Waltz' in his 1988 publication "Down and Outback".
H:Stan Treacy's version of 'The Mary Jane Waltz', now correctly titled,
H:is available elsewhere in this collection.
N:This version of the "Midnight Waltz" was collected from the Kurtz family.
B:J Meredith, R Covell & P Brown, Folk Songs of Australia Vol 2, UNSW Press, 1987, p215
D:recorded by the Stripling Brothers, Regal Zonophone, 1929
O:Australia, NSW, Mudgee

Midnight Waltz - played by Ray Mulligan

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