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If you want to run more complex searches than the simple free text search provided on this site, you can use the facilities provided by more advanced external search engines, such as:


The abcnotation site collects tunes in, and information on, abc music notation. It currently indexes over half a million tunes from a wide range of sites, including our Bush Traditions site. You can use their search function to just search for tunes on our site, by including in your search terms. The link below takes you to their search page with this term already included. You would then just type in your search terms before it. e.g. to search for the tune Going Courting on our site, the search terms would look as follows (try it out):

Going Courting

Their search results page will show one or more tunes. Under each tune title is a link tune page which takes you to a page with details for that tune. This includes details of the tune, the actual tune and a TuneGraph that shows graphically tunes with similar content (see their description of TuneGraph for more details on this). nb actual tune content and TuneGraph are only shown where copyright permits.


Using Googles advanced search functionality, you can limit a search just to this site, as well as specifying whether you want to match just in the page/tune title, or anywhere in the page text. The following links setup some of these options, you then just need to fill-in your actual search text: