NFF Book 2017 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2017", played by Greg O'Leary (unless tagged otherwise). Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. A Country Waltz (notation)

2. A Hunting We Will Go Medley (notation)

3. A Thousand Pipers (notation)

4. Alf Cosgrove's Varsoviana (notation)

5. Along the Road to Gundagai (notation)

6. An Old fashioned Home Down An Old Country Lane (notation)

7. Angelina Baker (notation)

8. Barney McCoy (notation)

9. Beth's Fiddle Scarf (notation)

10. Black Rock (notation)

11. Cawdor Fair (notation)

12. Charlie Doran's Polka (notation)

13. Come Lasses and Lads (notation)

14. Cosgrove's Cakewalk (notation)

15. Crooked Corner Mazurka (notation)

16. Cunningham Schottische (notation)

17. Daisy's Schottische No 2 (notation)

18. Dancing in the Dirt (notation)

19. Even Quadrille (notation)

20. Flotsam and Jetsam (notation)

21. Flying Pieman (notation)

22. Fred Holland's Polka (notation)

23. Ganglat Fran Appelbo (notation)

24. Gervasoni Waltz No 4 (notation)

25. Grand Old Duke Of York (notation)

26. Jenny Lind (notation)

27. Joe Yates Fairy Waltz (notation)

28. Joe Yates Hornpipe No 3 (notation)

29. Joe Yates Hornpipe No 4 (notation)

30. Joe Yates Mazurka No 2 (notation)

31. Joe Yates Mazurka No 3 (notation)

32. Joe Yates Waltz (notation)

33. Just One Girl (notation)

34. Kangaroo Barn Dance (notation)

35. Keith Bramley's Schottische (notation)

36. Lady Gipps Polka (notation)

37. Lady Love (notation)

38. Liza's Waltz (notation)

39. Malbrook (notation)

40. Mildura Waltz (notation)

41. Moonwinks Polka Mazurka (notation)

42. Mr Ivery's Reel (notation)

43. Oh Ma Ma (notation)

44. Peggy O'Neill Schottische (notation)

45. Petunia Quadrille - Fig 1 (notation)

46. Polly Wolly Doodle (notation)

47. Rita Croker's Polka (notation)

48. Ruler of the King's Navy (notation)

49. Sarah Sarah (notation)

50. See Me Dance The Polka (notation)

51. The Bridge Splitter (notation)

52. The Jolly Jig (notation)

53. The Weaver and His Wife (notation)

54. Uncle Dave's Schottische (notation)

55. Under the Willow No 2 (notation)

56. Vive L'Amour (notation)

57. What's The Matter With Father (notation)

58. Wonky Clock (notation)

59. Wooden Whistle (notation)

60. Wooloomooloo Schottische (notation)

63. The Girl With The Blue Dress On (notation)