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Content on this site is © Copyright, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence.

Any person adding content asserts that they have, and takes responsibility for, permission to upload and save that content on this site.

Most collected, "anonymous" or "traditional" tunes will now be in the public domain and can be added to the site without problem.

If a tune, or any other related content, was written more recently, that is in a time frame of less than 70 years after the authors death, then explicit permission must be obtained from the author, their estate or copyright manager, for that content to be placed on this site. That permission must be clearly noted and recorded along with the content.

Please refer to the Copyright Permissions page for a list of tunes or other content for which the site administrators have been given permission for their inclusion in this archive.

If you believe a copyright tune has been included on this site without permission, please Contact Us so we can correct this.