Bill Staatz's Shottis,

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T:Bill Staatz's Shottis,
% NFF Book 2007
S:collected from Bill Staatz, Toowoomba, Qld
S:collected by Mark Schuster and Maria Zann
N:Hello and happy New year Ray,
N:Yes - I collected both Bill Hohn's and Bill Staatz's tunes.  Both were
N:great players (on mainly double and triple row accordions).  Bill
N:Staatz hailed from the Lockyer (where he had an equally talented
N:brother, Alf).  For many years Bill worked at the Southern Crocc
N:Foundry in Toowoomba.  I have many tapes of both Alf, but less so Bill.
N:They had many great old dance tunes.  Bill Hohn's playing was nothing
N:short of briiliant - terrific rhythm and great cross-rowing with use of
N:chords.  His daughters often joined on violin and guitar.  Many locals
N:still regard him as a wonderful player. Mark Schuster, Jan 07.
O:Australia, Qld, Toowoomba
|:"G"B3c"Bm"B2A2|"G"G>D "Bm"B,>D "Em"G>F E>D|"D"A2A2A>F E>D|1"G"B2 (3BBB "Bm"B2A2:|2"G"G2(3GGG G2"D7"F>E||
|:"G"D>B A>G "C"E2"D"D2|"G"D>B A>G"C"E4|"G"B4d>D E>F|1"D"[A,2F2][A,2F2][A,2F2]"D7"F>E:|2"G"G2"C"G2"G"G4||

Bill Staatz's Shottis, - played by Greg O'Leary

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