Elma's Two Step

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T:Elma's Two Step
% NFF Book 2016
S:collected from Elma Ross and the Wedderburn Oldtimers
S:collected by Peter Ellis
N:a variation of the Old Timers Two Step, this version good for the Galopede
N:c.f.The Oldtimers Twostep
B:"The Waltz, the Polka and All Kinds of Dance Music", p170, Peter Ellis, 2007
O:Australia, Vic, Wedderburn
N:Hi Ray and Dave,
N:You may recall the attached Adelaide Race Dance in Trad & Now in 2010. I think
N:it is a great dance and it provides the use of galop tunes which have tended to
N:miss out in the Australian tradition. Part of the problem was the dance (Galop)
N:itself had ceased to be popular by the first decade of the 20thC so had disappeared
N:before aural tunes had survived for the collector's. The Two Steps which derived
N:from the Galop did survive, but the Collectors ignored them because of an association
N:with the modern Foxtrot or Quickstep.
N:I've assemble some really good galop tunes from old tune books, mainly a series
N:called "Daisy's" which was piano dance music for children. Daisy Sutton of Wedderburn
N:co-incidentally had some of them. It is possible some of these could have moved into
N:the aural tradition, although they have either not been found or recognised and linked
N:to these.
N:Thought I could do Adelaide Race Day next year at Bundanoon, or possibly even this
N:year (2013) at Goulburn. Also, the Oldtimers Two Step is in galop style and a 40 bar tune,
N:I've adjusted the dance to 40 bars to include a swing which the original dance didn't
N:have, yet I feel a dance such as this would have had a swing, had it been in the aural tradition.
N:See what you think, more tunes on the way, in batches because of the MB. Peter.
N:They are all 40 bar tunes to suit my adaptation of the dance, if for any reason you wanted 32 bar
N:tunes, leave the first line out, that is a tag I put in using the main strain of a verse. So the
N:remaining 4 lines are the main tune section.
N:Oldtimers Two Step is a natural 40 bar collected tune from the playing of three of the
N:Oldtimers, Daisy Sutton, Jack Condon and Lionel Collison. This is the tune version known in
N:"the bush", that is districts around Wedderburn. However if you needed a 32 bar version then
N:Elma Ross's is the one to use, obviously same tune and in fact Elma's coincides with a tune from
N:Jean Murphy of Mitta Mitta, except she has a second part in Eb. Elma's is a great tune for Galopede
N:Country Dance (also known as La Galopede) and could be used for any "set tune" such as in Lancers or
N:Alberts, as well as of course for the Two Step.
R:Two Step
"G"GG/>G/ GG/>G/|GB dB|"C"gg/>g/ ge|"G"d3B|"D7"dc2_A|BA2A|"G"GG2E|"D"D4|
"G"GG/>G/ GG/>G/|GB dB|"C"gg/>g/ ge|"G"d3d/e/|"D"fA Ad/e/|fA Ad/e/|"A7"fe d^c|"D"d2d^c|
"D7"cc2B|A2A2|"G"BB2e|d3g|"D7"ff2a|"C"e2g2|"D7"fe dc|"G"B3d|

Elma's Two Step - played by Greg O'Leary

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