Jim Lynch's Set Tune

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T:Jim Lynch's Set Tune
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
S:collected from Jim Lynch, Narooma, NSW
S:collected by Dave de Hugard
B:"The Waltz, the Polka and All Kinds of Dance Music", Peter Ellis, 2007, p 224.
|:"D"fA fA | ff fg/f/ | "A7"eA ce | "D"fA A2 | fA fA | f2- fg/f/ | "A7"eA Bc  |1 "D"d2-d>e:|2 "D"d2-dc/B/ ||
"D"AF Af | dd dc/B/ | AF Af | d2-dc/B/ | "A7"AA Ag | e2-ec/B/ | "D"AF Af | d2-dc/B/ | 
"D"AF Af | dd dc/B/ | AF Af | d2-dc/B/ | "A7"AA Ag |e2-ef/g/ | ag Bc | "D"d2dz |]

Jim Lynch's Set Tune - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
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