Antonio the Ice Cream Man

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T:Antonio the Ice Cream Man
% NFF Book 2020
T:Oh Oh Antonio (1908)
C:C W Murphy (1875 - 1913) & Dan Lipton (1873 - 1935)
S:collected from Bill Case and Maureen Aston and Don McBain, Mt Gambier, SA
S:collected by Rob Willis Collection, NLA Bib ID: 256645
Z:transcribed by Ray Mulligan, Sept 2019
H:This is a version of the chorus to "Oh Oh Antonio", a tune popularized in 1908
H:by Florrie Forde (1875-1940). Born in Fitzroy, Victoria, Forde, lived in the UK 
H:where she became a very popular entertainer & star of the early C20th music halls. 
H:Bill Case learned this tune from a hurdy gurdy (merry-go-round).
N:This tune also collected by John Meredith from Tom Teal, Portland, Vic. 
O:Australia, SA, Mt Gambier
"F"f6|f4e2|"C"e4d2|"G7"A4-AB|"G7"BAB2c2|d4B2|A2"C"E4|GA Bc d^d|
"C"ee ee ee|ee de ce|"G7"de de c2| "C"E4AB |c2E2GG |c2B2_B2|"F"A6|A2c2e2|

Antonio the Ice Cream Man - played by Ray Mulligan

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