Baby Blue

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T:Baby Blue
% NFF Book 2020
S:collected from Bill Case and Maureen Aston and Don McBain, Mt Gambier, SA
S:collected by Rob Willis
N:this tune also collected from the Gay Charmers, NLA Bib ID:2133207
Z:transcribed by Ray Mulligan, Sept 2019
O:Australia, SA, Mt Gambier
GA|"C"G4EF3|G4ccd2|"C"e3g ec3|G4cce2|"G7"d4BA3|G4Bd3|"C"c4"F"c4|"C"c4EE F<A|
"C"G4EF2A|G4cd3|"C"e3g eg ec|G4 ce3|"G7"d4BA3|G4Bd3|"C"c8|z2 e2ged2|
"C"c8-|c2z d cBA2|G8-|G2z2 cd3|e4-e G (3ceg|fe3dc3|"G7"d8-|d2e2ge d2|
"C"c6Bc|dc3BF3|"F"A8-|A2c2f3c|"C"eG3c3e|"G7"dG3B2d2|"C" c4"F"c4|"C"c4E2F2||

Baby Blue - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
| Bill Case | Don McBain | Maureen Aston | Ray Mulligan | Rob Willis |