Bert Jamieson's "Lancers" Set Tune No.4

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T:Bert Jamieson's "Lancers" Set Tune No.4
% NFF Book 2006
C:Henry R Bishop, (1787-1855)
S:collected from Bert Jamieson, Adaminaby, NSW
S:collected by Rob Willis and John Meredith
N:Older versions
N:- Henry R Bishop, "John of Paris", London, (1814) for the comic opera "John of Paris"
N: Other versions collected in Australia
N:- by Harry Schaefer as "New Original Set of Lancers, Fig 4"
N:- from Ernie Wells, as "Ernie Well's Set Tune"
Z:converted to abc by John Furlonger
N:Set Tune played for the Lancers
R:Set Tune
d|:"G"B2 B BAB|"C"c2 c cBc|"G"d2 d dcB|"D"A3 d3|
"G"B2 B BAB|"C"c2 c cBc|"D/G"d2 d "D7"cBA|"G"G3-G2 d:|
|:"G"gfe dBG|"C"c2 d e2 d|"G"gfe dBG|"D"A3-A2 d|
"G"gfe dBG|"C"c2 d ege|"D/G"d2 d cBA|"G"G3-G2 B:|
|:"G"G2 B BdB|G2 B B2 d|e2 d dBG|"D"A3 ABA|
F2 A ABA|F2 A ABA|d2 d cBA|1"G"B3 B2 B:|2"G"G3 G2 B||
|:"G"d2 d B2 d|"C"e2 f g3|"G"b2 a "D"gfe|"G"d3 ded|"C/Em"e2 e efe|
"G"d2 d ded|1"D/A7"A2 A A2 B|"D7"A3 A2 d:|2"D"A2 A cBA|"G"G6||

Bert Jamieson's "Lancers" Set Tune No.4 - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
| Bert Jamieson | John Furlonger | John Meredith | Rob Willis |