Bobbing Joan (Em)

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T:Bobbing Joan (Em)
% NFF Book 2020
C:trad English (C.1650)
S:The 'Convict Dance and Music Research Project' by Dr. Heather Blasdale-Clarke at QUT
Z:arranged by Roland Clarke, 2019
H:This tune referenced in a police report in the Sydney Gazette and
H:New South Wales Advertiser, 6th of December 1832
N:Earliest appearance as 'Bobbing Jo', in Playford's English Dancing Master, 1651.
N:Later references in Hime's 24 Original Irish Dances, 1795,
N:and again in Wilson's Companion to the Ballroom c.1820,
B:H.E Clarke, Social Dance and Early Australian Settlement, PhD Thesis, QUT, 2018, 189
O:Sydney, NSW, Australia
"Em"BG GE G2|BG GE "D"FA|"Em"BG GEG2|"D"D/2E/2F/2G/2 AD FA:|
"G"GB dGB2|GB dG Bd|"Em"ec "G"dB"D"A2|DF AD FA:|

Bobbing Joan (Em) - played by Ray Mulligan

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