Cock of the North

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T:Cock of the North
% NFF Book 2020
T:Chase Me Charlie
S:collected from Joe Cashmere, 1955
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA Bib ID 1578912
B:"Mister Joe - Songs, Tunes & Poems of Joe Cashmere", compiled by Alan Musgrove & Greg O'Leary, p.52
N:Other versions can be found at
N:- VMP, Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, 3rd Series, 1st Book, 4th Ed., 1754, as "Joan's Placket"
N:- VMP, W.Hamilton "Universal Tune Book" Vol 1, Glasgow 1844 p10#3
N:- VMP, Kerr's Merry Melodies, Vol 2, No.313
H:An honorary title of the 4th Duke of Gordon (1743-1827)
H:Included by Playford 1674, as "Jumping Joan"
H:Earliest known reference: 1667, Samuel Peyps' diary mentions "Joan's Placket", one of the early titles
H:The title "Jumping Joan" appears in several C17th collections
H:Often called "Auntie Mary" in Ireland and New England, a song title with (often) obscene lyrics.
O:Australia, NSW, Sydney
GA|:"G"G2B BAG|B2dd2g|B2B BAG|"D"A3 ABA|"G"G2B BAG|B2dd2g|B2B"D" AFA|"G"G3 dBd|
"G"g2d "C"e2d|"G"g2d "C"e2g|"G"B2B BAG|"D"A3-A2d|"G"g2d "C"e2d|"G"g2d "C"e2g|"G"B2B "D"AFA|"G"G3DEF|
"G"G2B BAG|B2dd2g|B2B BAG|"D"A3- ABA|"G"G2B BAG|B2dd2g|B2B"D" AFA|"G"G3 z3:|

Cock of the North - played by Ray Mulligan

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