Navvy on the Line

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T:Navvy on the Line
% NFF Book 2019
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
S:collected from Orley Benson, Mudgee, NSW
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA, Bib ID 2200742
S:also NLA Bib ID 1869215; Dute Tritton, Tom Blackman, Alice Flanagan, Ernie Sibley
O:Australia, NSW, Mudgee
c>B|"C"A>G E>F G>E C>D|E>E "F"A>A "C"G>E C>D|E>E "F"A>A "C"G>E C>D|E>E "F"A>A "C"G2 c>B|
"C"A>G E>F G>E C>D|E>E "F"A>A "C"G>E C>D|C>D E>F G>A B>c|"G7" d2 "C" c2 c2 c>B|
"C"G>G c>e "F"f2 e>d|"C"G>G c>d e2 g>e|"G7"d>c B>A G>A B>c|d>c B>A G2G2|
"C"G>G c>e "F"f2 e>d|"C"G>G c>d e2 g>e|"G7"d>c B>A G>A B>c|d2"C"c2c2||

Navvy on the Line - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

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