Pine Mt Lancers Fig 3

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T:Pine Mt Lancers Fig 3
T:A Life on the Ocean Wave
% NFF Book 2018
S:collected from David Teis, Lowood, Qld,
S:from a video recording taken by Eva Cunningham
Z:transcribed by Greg O'Leary
N:David Teis was playing for the ball celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Pine Mountain Hall in 1989
D|:"G"GFG G2A|B3-B2A|BAB c2B|"D7"A3-A2D|
"D7"A2G A2B|c3- c2d|e2d c2A|1"G"B3-B2 D:|2"G"G3-G2F||
"Em"E2F "B7"G2 A|"Em"B3- B2G|E2F "B7"G2 A|"Em"B3- B2A|
"B7"BAB B2A|BAB B2A|BAB A2B|"D7"c3- c2D|
"G"GFG G2A|B3-B2A|BAB c2B|"D7"A3-A2D|
"D7"A2G A2B|c3- c2d|"C"e2d "D7"c2A|"G"G3-G2||

Pine Mt Lancers Fig 3 - played by David Johnson

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