Sand Jig

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T:Sand Jig
% NFF Book 2018
S:Nicholson's Australian Musical Magazine Album of Country Dances No 42
S:collected by Peter Ellis, June 2014
H:This tune also in Kerr's  as "Negro Sand Jig", see:-
B:James Kerr "Merry Melodies" Vol 2, p46, No 413
O:Australia, Vic, Bendigo
R:Step Tune
|:"C"[E2c2](3GEG c>G E>G|"Dm"F2(3AFA c>A F>A|"G7"G>B G>B d>B G>B|"C"c>e c>e g>e c>G|
E2(3GEG c>G E>G|"Dm"F2(3AFA c>A F>A|"G7"G>B d>B G>f d>B|"C"c2[E2G2c2][E2G2c2]"Fine"z2:|
|:"Am"A2 (3cAc e>c A>c|"E7"B>e B>^G E>E ^F>G|"Am"A2 (3cAc e>c A>c|"E7"B>e B>^G E2e2|
"Am" A2 (3cAc e>c A>c|"E7"B>e B>^G E2f2|"Am"(3efe "E7"(3ded "Am"(3cdc "G7"(3BcB|1"Am"A2a2a2z2:|2"Am"A2z2"G7"[F4B4]||

Sand Jig - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
| Peter Ellis |