School Polka No 1

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T:School Polka No 1
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected from Paddy Dawson & Edie Dawson, Franklin, Tasmania
Z:transcribed by Fred Pribac
B:'Tasmanian Tunes' NFF 2010, compiled by Stuart Graham & Julie Edwards
R:Set Tune
O:Australia, Tas, Franklin
|: "D" aa a/2f/2d/2f/2 | "A7" fe e>f | gg g/2e/2c/2e/2 | "D" ed df/2g/2 |
"D" aa a/2f/2d/2f/2 | "A7" fe e>f | gc fe | "D" dd d2 :||
|:"A7" AA B/2c/2d/2e/2 | "D" fa a>f | "A7" ea a>e | "D" da a2 |
"A7" AA B/2c/2d/2e/2 | "D" fa a>f | "A7" ea a>e | "D" dd d2 :||
%%begintext align

The Dawsons recollected that they got this from the back of the school paper, which was a publication 
sent once a fortnight to Victorian and Tasmanian schools. They recalled the year as being about 1911.

School Polka No 1 - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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