Teatree Waltz

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T:Teatree Waltz
T:Ti Tree Waltz
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected from Val McGinness (1910 - 1988), Thursday Island, Qld & Darwin, NT
S:collected by Jeff Corfield
Z:converted to abc by John Furlonger
B:p28, "String Band and Shake Hands", Jeff Corfield, 2010, ISBN 978-0-9807699-0-6
N:Val McGinness learnt this tune from Jaffa Ah Mat of Thursday Island, during the 1930s
O:Australia, NT, Darwin
|:dd|"G"d>^c ed BA|GF AG FE|"D7"DE FG AB|"Am"c4 c2|"D7"cB dc AF|DE FD EF|G2A2^A2|"G"B4 d2
|d>^c ed BA|GF AG F=F|"Am"E2 A2 c2|"C"e6|"D7"D2 F2 A2|c2 B2 A2|"G"G6-|1G4:|2"G"G3D GB||
"G"d3 ^c dc|d3 ^c de|d2 B3 D|G6|d3 ^c dc|d3 B GE|"D7"F6|F3 D FA|
"Am"e3 ^d ed|e3 ^d e=f|f2e2c2|"D7"A6|e2 d2 c2|A4^A2|"G"B6-|B3D "D7"GB|
"G"d3 ^c dc|d3 ^c de|d2 B3D|G4 GD|G2 B2 d2|"G7"g3 f ga|"C"g6|"Am"e6|
g3 f gf|a2 g3 e|"G"e2d2B2|"Em"G3 G DG|"G"B4 A2|"D7"c4 F2|"G"G6-|G4||

Teatree Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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