Wild Paddy

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T:Wild Paddy
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected from Charlie Batchelor, Bingara, NSW
S:collected by Chris Sullivan & Mark Rummery
S:Chris Sullivan Collection, NLA.
H:Recorded by the Horton River Band when they recorded Charlie Batchelor
H:for "Kind Regards" in 1983-4.
N:The tune is a close variant of Julien's 'Prima Donna Waltz' Published
N:London Jullian &Co., (1845-48).  NLA Bib ID: 602257.  The prima
N:donna referred to is none other than the famous Jenny Lind.
O:Australia, NSW, Bingara
D:"Kind regards" Chris Sullivan's Australian Folk Masters No 2, - Charlie Batchelor
(3DEF|"G"G4B2|B3 ABc|"D"d4c2|A4A2|F2A2A2|A2B2c2|e4dB|"G"G6|

Wild Paddy - played by Greg O'Leary

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