Frank Forde's 1st Set Tune

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T:Frank Forde's 1st Set Tune
% NFF Book 2013
S:collected from Frank Forde, Towradgi, NSW
S:collected by Alan Musgrove
Z:transcribed by Alan Musgrove
|:"D"D2DD D2F2|"D"B2A2 A2d2|"G"B2BB B2d2|"D"((3BdBA2) A2F2|"G"G2GG G2A2|"D"G2F2 F2D2|"A7"E2EE E2F2|1"A7"E4A4:|2"D"D4D4||
||"D"f2ff d2dd|"D"A2AA d2A2|"G"B2BB B2d2|"D"((3BdBA2) A2f2|"A7"g2gg e2ee|"A7"c2cc e2c2|"G"B2BB c2B2|"A7"((3BcBA2) A2d2|
"D"f2ff d2dd|"D"A2AA d2A2|"G"B2BB B2d2|"D"((3BdBA2) A2d2|"G"B2BB B2G2|"D"A2AA A2d2|"A7"c2cc f2e2|"D"d4d4||

Frank Forde's 1st Set Tune - played by Greg O'Leary

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