Adelina Schottische

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T:Adelina Schottische
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
C:Thomas Edward Bulch (1862-1930)
S:collected by Harry Schaefer, Forbes NSW (1879-1954)
S:Rob Willis Collection, NLA
H:This tune honors Bulch's daughter Adeline
N:Schaefer Manuscript provided by Rob Willis in Oct 2020. The MS bears the signature of a Joyce Debenham
N:Older versions:
N: - Kerrs, v.4, No 429, (c.1880) as "Adelina Schottische", under the pseudonym Godfrey Parker
F>G|A>^G A>d B>^A B>=g | f>dA4F>G | A>^G A>d (3fed (3a=gf | e6F>G |
A>^G A>d f>e d>a | g>eB4e>d | c>g g>c (3A^GA B2c | d2f2d2:|
c>d|e2a2f2a2 | e>f e>dc2e2 | d>e d>cB2f2 | e>f e>dc2c>d |
e2a2f2a2 | e>f e>d c2e2 | f>a g>f e>d c>B | A2a2a2:|
z2|d4-d>^c d>g | B4B>^A B>d | c>B A>Bc2f2 | e>d G>AB2d2 |
d4-d>^c d>g | B4B>d ^c>B | A>f e>d ^c>g f>e | d2d2d2z2 ||
d4-d>d d>g | B4-BA Bd | c>B A>Bc2f2 | e>d G>AB2d2 |
d4-d>^c d<g | e4e>g f>e | d>^ce>d =c>F B>A | G2g2g2z2:|

Adelina Schottische - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

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