Augathella Station

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T:Augathella Station
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
B:Bill Scott, "Australian Folk Lore" p 98, (Original in A)
N:Related tunes collected in Australia
N:- David Johnson, "Bush Dance", The Bush Music Club, 2001, p56
N:- Warren Fahey, "Eureka - The Songs that Made Australia",  p162 
H:This tune and its Australian lyrics about cattle drovers, is widely known
H:in Australia. It is based on the tune and lyrics of "Spanish Ladies",
H:a tune, and song, which emerged from the Peninsular war, 1807-14.
H:British soldiers were sent to fight Napoleon's forces in Portugal and later,
H:Spain. When they were brought home they were ordered to leave their 
H:Spanish wives and children behind.
B2|e2e2f2 | e4ef | g2f2e2 | _e2B2B2 | e2e2f2 | e4ef | g2a2g2 | f4f2 | 
g2f2g2 | a2g2a2 | b2g2e2 | _e2B2ba | g2e2e2 | _e2B2A2 | B2e2_e2 | e4:|

Augathella Station - played by Ray Mulligan