Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye (The)

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T:The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye
% NFF Book 2006
S:from the playing of the Brown boys, with Daryl Maynard, Steve & Laurie Lowery, Cape Barren Island, Tas
H:The name of the tune is onomatopoeic in origin. The informants did not have
H:a name for the tune so they used a word string to remind themselves of how
H:the notes went. This tune is based on the "Winster Galop"
N:Recording held by Tas Aboriginal Council, Hobart
B:Fred Pribac & Stuart Graham, 'Tasmanian Dance Tunes', Cygnet Folk Festival, 2000
O:Australia, Tas, Cape Barron Island
|:D2|"G"G2B2 BBBB|G2B2 B4|G2B2 BBBB|"D7"d2A2A2AB|
c2cc c2A2|F2AA A2AB|c2ccB2A2|"G"B2G2G2:|
|:ef|"G"g2(3fgf e2dd|g2f2e4|g2f2e2d2|"D7"cAAAA2de|

The Black Cat Piddled in the White Cat's Eye - played by Greg O'Leary

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