Bob's Polka

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T:Bob's Polka
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ian Hayden
S:collected from Sally Sloane
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA
N:This tune came from Ian Hayden's workshop at Morisset, 2017
N:Transposed from 4/4 => 2/4 to give a better polka feel
F: - (Sally Sloane playing)
"D"fA d>e|"A"d.c .cz|gB e>f|"D"e.d .dz|fA d>e|"A"d.c .cz|gB e>f|e"D"d d/c/d/e/|
"D"fA d>e|"A"d.c .cz|gB e>f|"D"e.d .dz|fA d>e|"A"d.c .cz|gB e>f|e"D"d dz||
"D"F3A|"G"B>A "D"FA|"D"d2"A"e>d|"D"d"A".c .cz|"A"E3F|G3z/c/|cB E>G|"D"F2D2|
"D"A3A|"G"B>A "D"FA|d2"A"e>d|dc/c/ cB/B/ |BA/A/ "A7" AG/G/|GF/F/ "D"AA|fe "A"B>c|"D"d.d .dz||

Bob's Polka - played by Ian Hayden

Additional Information

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