Booligal Polka

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T:Booligal Polka
% NFF Book 2010
S:collected from Joe Cashmere
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA
Z:arranged by Greg O'Leary
H:Part 1 is a version of Redwing
H:Wikipedia has it: "Red Wing" (Song) is a popular song written in 1907
H:with music by Kerry Mills, and lyrics by Thurland Chattaway.
H:Mills (appears to have) adapted the music of the verse from
H:Robert Schumann's piano composition "The Happy Farmer, Returning From Work"
H:from his 1848 "Album For the Young", Opus 68.
N:The Booligal polka appears to be a modification of one of the
N:tunes in the Bo Peep quadrilles by d'Albert, from around 1850 or so
O:Australia, NSW, Hillston
R:Set Tune
D2 DDD2|:"G"G3G G2B2|d6Bd|"C"e2d2 e2g2|"G"d2(3ddd d2(3dcB|
"C"c2B2 c2dc|"G"B2G2 B2dc|"D"A2G2 A2B2|1d2c2 A2F2:|2"G"G8||
|:"G"b4g4|d4B4|"D"DEFG ABcd|e2d2 ^c2d2|
"Am"c'4a4|"D7"(3f2a2f2 d4|"C"c2d2 "D7"e2f2|"G"g4 [g2B2D2G,2]:|

Booligal Polka - played by Greg O'Leary

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