Captain Byng

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T:Captain Byng
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
B:Harvest Moon Dance Sets, Jim Moir
N:Older versions:
N:- Niel & Nathaniel Gow, 4th Collection of Niel Gow's Reels, p.4, (1800) as "Captain Byng"
N:- Niel & Nathaniel Gow, 4th Collection of Strathspey Dances, p34, (1800) as "Colonel Byng's Favorite"
N:- John Buttery Manuscripts, No 755, (early C19th) as "Colonel Byng's Favorit Strathspey"
N:- John Rook Manuscripts, p157, (1840) as "Capt. Bing"
N:- Kerr's v.2 No 112, (c.1880) as "Captain Byng"
N:- Athole Collection, No 88, (1884) as "Captain Byng"
N:- O'Neill's 'Dance Music of Ireland', No 736, (1907) as "Captain Byng"
N:- Oliver Ditson, "The Boston Collection of Instrumental Music" p.73 #2, (1910) as "Byng's Strathspey"
d2|"G"g3f g3d|"Em"B2G2 G2AB|"Am"cBA2 a3g|"D7"f2d2 e2f2|
"G"g3f g3d|"Em"B2G2 G2AB|"C"cBA2 "D"d2F2|"G"G4G2:|
|:A2|"G"B2G2 d2G2|"Em"B2G2 G2AB|"Am"cBA2 e2A2|"D7"c2A2 A3c|
"G"B2G2 d2G2|"Em"B2G2 G2AB|"C"cBA2 "D7"d2F2|"G"G4G2:|

Captain Byng - played by Ray Mulligan