Charlie Kyle's No 20 Jig

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T:Charlie Kyle's No 20 Jig
% NFF Book 2007
S:collected from Charlie Kyle, Nulla Nulla Creek, NSW
S:collected by Rob Willis
Z:transcribed by Alan Musgrove
H:Charlie Kyle recorded his tunes on tape and then passed
H:them on to his nephew, Vaughan Kyle. The number refers
H:to the position of this tune on the tape.
N:This tune is a version of 'Oyster Girls'
O:Australia, NSW, Nulla Nulla
B/c/|:"G"ddd B2G|"D7"c2BA2D|"G"DGG G2F|"D7"A3ABc|
"G"dddB2G|"D7"c2BA3|"G"DDG "C"E2G|"G"DGG G2B/c/:|
|:"G"dddB2g|"D7"f2e cAB|"Am"cccA2a|"D7"f2d def|
"G"gfe dcB|"C"e2c "D7"B2A|"G"DDG "C"E2G|1"G"DGG G2B/c/:|2"G"DGG G2||

Charlie Kyle's No 20 Jig - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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