Drover's Dream

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T:Drover's Dream
T:Killaloe March (pub 1887)
% NFF Book 2019
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
C:Robert Martin, (1846 - ?)
H:The tune used for the "Drover's Dream" is the "Killaloe March", 
H:written by Irishman Robert Martin, for the Royal Irish Regiment, published 1887. 
H:Killaloe is a town on the banks of the Shannon River, County Clare. The
H:score can be found at <https://levysheetmusic.mse.jhu.edu/collection/047/095>
H:Lyrics of the "Drover's Dream" was originally published in Australia as "The Visions Of 
H:A Night Watch", in the Kadina & Wallaroo Times, South Australia, 25 Dec, 1889
N:This tune is widely known in Australia. It was collected from
N:-  Arthur Foster, by John Meredith, NLA Bib ID 645243 
N:-  Chris Williams, NSW, by John Meredith, NLA Bib ID 1800773
N:-  Emu Creek Bush Band, by Peter Ellis, NLA Bib ID 6608412
N:-  Harry Cotter, Binalong, NSW, by Colin McJanett, as "Killaloe"
N:-  Sally Sloane, Lithgow, NSW, by Harry Kay as "Kilalloe", in Bush Music Club's, Singabout, Dec 1990
N:Many other sources can be found.
B:J Meredith, H Anderson, Folk Songs of Australia Vol 1, UNSW Press, 1967, p202, from Chris Williams
B:J Meredith, R Covell & P Brown, Folk Songs of Australia Vol 2, UNSW Press, 1987, p265, from Arthur Foster
O:Australia, Kadina, SA
D2|"G"G>A B>A G2 D>D|"C"E>F G>E "G"D2 D>D|G>G G>A B>B A>G|"D7"A6 D>D|
"G"G>A B>A G2 D>D|"C"E>F G>E "G"D2 D>D|B>B B>G "D7"A>A A>F|"G"G6 A>B|
"C"c>c c>c c2 B>c|"G"d>d d>B G2 G>D|G>G G>A B>B A>G|"D7"A6 D>D|
"G"G>A B>A G2 D>D|"C"E>F G>E "G"D2 D>D|B>B B>G "D7"A>A A>F|"G"G6||

Drover's Dream - played by Ray Mulligan