Evalina Mazurka

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T:Evalina Mazurka
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
S:collected from Andy Grant, Warwick, Qld
S:collected by Jeff Lawrie & Julie Castles
Z:transcribed by Jeff Lawrie 
P:Part A
|:"Em"Bc/B/ ^AB cB|E2-E3D|EF GA Bc|"B7"B>AF4|AB/A/ ^GA BA|F2F3E|^DE FG AB|"Em"G>FE4|
"Em"Bc/B/ ^AB cB|E2-E3D|EF G^G AB|"Am"c>BA4|A/B/A/G/ FGA2|"Em"G/A/G/F/ EFG2|"B7"F/G/F/E/ ^DE FG|"Em"E2E4:|
P:Part B
|:"D"DE FG A^A|"G"B2-BAG2|"D"A2-AG F2|"G"B2-BA G2|"D"DE FG A^A|"G"B2-BAG2|"D"AG FD EF|"G"G2G4:|
P:Part C
|:"C"e2d2c2|"G"c2B4|f2e2d2|"C"d2c4|Ged2c2|"G"c2B4|Gf e2d2|"C"d2c4|
e2d2c2|"G"c2B4|f2e2d2|"C"d2c3B|"F"A^G AB cd|"C"e2G4|"G"G^F G^G AB|"C"c2c4:|

Evalina Mazurka - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

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