Four Corners

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T:Four Corners
% NFF Book 2006
S:Australian Broadcasting Commission
Z:transcribed by Ray Mulligan
H:This melody was used for some 25 years or so, to introduce "Four Corners",
H:a current affairs program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Commission.
N:Tchaikovsky visited Rome several times. On one occasion he lived for a time
N:in rooms across from a police barracks. It is thought that he learned some
N:of his melodies from there.
N:Italy - Russia - Australia
Bc^c |"G" d2 d3/2d1/2 dd eB |"G" d4-d Bc^c |"G" d2 d3/2d1/2 dd ge |"D7" f4-f AAB |"Am" c3B "D" dA AB |
"Am" c3d "C" eB dc |1"D" a1/2z g1/2 fe de cd |"G" B4z :|2"D" a1/2 z g1/2 fe de fa |"G" g4-g ||

Four Corners - played by Greg O'Leary

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