Frank Collins' Second Reel

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T:Frank Collins' Second Reel
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected by Frank Collins
S:acetate recordings held by the NLA
H:Frank Collins recorded a number of tunes to disc in the 1950s, some
H:years before his death. Of the 12 discs made five were in the keeping
H:of his daughter Pansy House. Collected by John Meredith in company with
H:Chris Sullivan.
H:Recorded in the 1920's by The Four Provinces Orchestra, and Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Swing Band.
O:Australia, NSW, Goulburn
|:"Am"A3B cBcd|e2d2e2a2|"C"g2e2 "G"d2 ee|"Am"c2A2 "Em"G2E2|
"Am"A3B cBcd|e2d2e2a2|"C"g2e2 "Em"d2 ed|"Am"c2A2A4:|
|:"Am"a4g2e2|"G"d2B2g2 fg|"Am"a2A2A2 Bc|"G"d2B2G2B2|
"Am"A3B cBcd|e2d2e2a2|"C"g2e2 "Em"d2 ed|"Am"c2A2A4 :|

Frank Collins' Second Reel - played by Greg O'Leary

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