George Bailey's 1st Reel

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T:George Bailey's 1st Reel
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from George Bailey
S:recorded by Cyril Southorn
S:collected by Mark Tandy
S:Chris Sullivan Collection, NLA  TRC 2750/440
B:David De Santi (ed), Australian Traditional Dance Tunes Vol 2, p70
N:in G if you want to get any speed out of a fiddle
O:Australia, Tas, Launceston
gf|:"G"e2d2BG gf|e2d2G2gf|e2d2Bd BG|"D"AG EF"G"G2gf|
"G"e2d2BG gf|e2d2G2gf|e2d2Bd BG|1"D"AG EF"G"G2gf:|2"D"AG EF"G"G3B||
|:"G"d2G2Bd Bd|"D"A2B2c2Bc|"G"d2G2Bd BG|"D"AG EF"G"G3B|
"G"d2G2Bd Bd|"D"A2B2c2Bc|"G"d2G2Bd BG|1"D"AG EF"G"G3B:|2"D"AG EF"G"G4||

George Bailey's 1st Reel - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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