Happy Thoughts Schottische

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T:Happy Thoughts Schottische
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
C:Thomas Edward Bulch (1862-1930)
B:James Kerr "Merry Melodies" v.4 p.49 #436
Z:transcribed by John Chambers, 2016, <jc:trillian.mit.edu>
!p!(AB |"D"A)z(F2 B)z(F2 | A6) (AB) |Az(F2 d)z(A2 | "A7"c6) !f!(EF) |
"A7"G>FG>A G2(EF) | G>FG>A G2E>F |G>FG>A c>BA>G | "D"F6 (AB) |
"D"Az(F2 B)z(F2 | A6) (AB) |Az(F2 d)z(A2 | "G"B6) [Ac] |
d>BG>B d2G>B | "D"A>FD>F A2(DF) |"A7"E>E E>G B>G B,>C | "D"D2[d2F2]"fine"[d2F2] ||
|:!ff!(Bc) |"D"d4 "A7"c4 | "Em" B6 (3(Bcd) |e4 "Bm"d4 | "A7" c6 (3(cde) |
"D"f4 "A7"e4 | "D"d>ed>c "Em"B2 (3(Bcd) |"A7"c>E ^D>E G>FG>A | "D.C."B6 :|
"Trio."D2 |"G"B4- B>cB>G | "D"D4- D>GA>G |F>GA>B c>AF>D | "Em"(E2D)z (E2D)z |
"G"B4- B>cB>G | "Em"E4- E>GF>E |"D"D>EF>G B>AE>F | "G"G2B2"_D.C."G2 :|

Happy Thoughts Schottische - played by Ray Mulligan

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