Harry Cotter's Single Reel No 2

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T:Harry Cotter's Single Reel No 2
% NFF Book 2023
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
S:Harry Cotter, Binalong, NSW
S:by Chris Sullivan and Jacko Kevans
Z:transcribed by Tony Stuart, 2017
H:This tune forms the basis of a well known drinking song.
N:Other older versions:
N:- Caledonian Pocket Companion" v.1, No 16261, (1743) as "The Auld Stewart's Back Again"
N:- Robert Bremner "A Collection of Scots Reels or Country Dances", No 881, (p.88), (1757) as "Old Stuarts back again"
N:- Airds, v.2, No 244, (c.1780), as "Stumpie"
N:- Niel & Nathaniel Gow, "Gow's Complete Repository" V.2 (c.1800) as "the Auld Stewart's Back again"
N:- VMP, Rev R Harrison MS, No 137, (1815) as "Stumpie"
N:- John Buttery MS, No 232, (early C19th), as "A Quick Step"
N:- VMP, Edward Holmes MS, No 339, (1846) as "Stumpie"
N:- The Athole Collection v.1 No 25 as "Auld Stewart's back Again, The"
N:- Francis O'Neill, "Dance Music of Ireland" v.2, No 577, (1907) as "The Old Pensioner"
D|:"G"G>A BG|"C"EG"D7"D2|"G"G>A BG|"C"EG "D7"A2|"G"G>A BG|"C"EG "D7"D2|"G"d>e dB|"D7"AB "G"G2:|
|:"G"B>c dB|"C"cd ec|"G"B>c dB|"D7"cBA2|"G"B>c dB|"C"cd ec|"G"Bc/d/ "C"cA|"D7"BA "G"G2:|

Harry Cotter's Single Reel No 2 - played by Ray Mulligan

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