Jeff Conroy's 1st Set Tune

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T:Jeff Conroy's 1st Set Tune
% NFF Book 2010
S:collected from Jeff Conroy, Glenquarry, NSW
Z:arranged by Alan Musgrove
O:Australia, NSW, Glengarry
R:Set Tune
D|:"G"GG/F/ GA|GD "D7"E/F/G/A/|"G"BB/A/ Bc|BD "D7"G/A/B/c/|"G"dB/c/ de|dB/c/ de|
|1"G"dB/d/ "C"e/d/c/B/|"D7"AA/G/ AB/A/:|2"G"dB/c/ "D"d/c/B/A/|"G"GG/F/ GB/A/|:
"G"GG "D7"F/E/D|"G"GG "D7"F/E/D|"G"GA/B/ "C"c/B/A/G/|"D7"F/G/A/B/ AE/F/|"G"GG "D7"F/E/D|
"G"GG "D7"F/E/D|"G"GA/B/ "D7"c/A/E/F/|1"G"GG/F/ GB/A/:|2"G"GG/F/G2||

Jeff Conroy's 1st Set Tune - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
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