Jenny Lind 2

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T:Jenny Lind 2
C:Anton Wallerstein (1813-92)
% NFF Book 2023
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ian Hayden
Z:transcribed by Ian Hayden
B:first published in the 'Bogaduck Out of Tune Book' 1975; p.3
D:track 13 on Wild Colonials'Euabalong Ball' LP, 1971
N:This is a common contemporary bush band version of the tune.
"D"FA "G"GB|"D"Af f>g|"A"fe e>f|"D"ed d2|
"D"FA "G"GB|"D"Af f>g|"A"fe Bc|"D"d2 d2:|
|:"D"aa/f/ df|aa/f/ df|"A"gg/e/ ce|gg/e/ ce|
"D"aa/f/ df|aa/f/ df|"A"ge Bc|"D"d2 d2:|

Jenny Lind 2 - played by Ian Hayden

This is a bush band version of the tune Jenny Lind with a completely different B part that seems to be a uniquely Australian invention.

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