Joe Yates Unnamed Polka No 1

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T:Joe Yates Unnamed Polka No 1
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Joe Yates, Sofala, NSW
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA, Bib ID 584409
H:The ealiest printed version of this tune appears as 'Marinarella'
H:5th Figure, Palermo Quadrilles, Charles d'Albert 1855.
H:A later version appears as "Oh John Dont Go Near The Water", 1892. - Dave DeHugard
N:Another version of the tune in Stan Treacy's 1st Set Tune
O:Australia, NSW, Sofala
|:FG|"D"A2B2 AFDF|A2B2 AFDF|"D"A2d2 "A7"c2B2|c2B2 "D"AFDF|"D"A2B2 AFDF|A2B2 AFDF|"A7"A2g2 f2e2|f2e2 "D"d2:|
E2|"D"F4A2d2|f4"A7"e3f|"D"e2d2 F2B2|"A7"A4G4|"Em"E3F G2A2|"A7"c6B2|A2BA "G"G2AG|"D"F2GF "A7"E2FE|
"D"D3F A2d2|f4"A7"e3f|"D"e2d2 F2B2|"A7"A4G4|"Em"E3F G2A2|"A7"c6 (3BcB|A2A2 B2c2|"D"d4d2||

Joe Yates Unnamed Polka No 1 - played by Greg O'Leary

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