Kath McCaughey's Maypole Polka No 1

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T:Kath McCaughey's Maypole Polka No 1
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan
S:collected from Kath McCaughey, Grafton, NSW
S:collected by Dave de Hugard
H:One of Kath McCaughey's Maypole Polkas
N:Older related tunes;
N:- VMP, Elias Howe "The Musician's Companion" No 20661 (1843) as "Cracovienne Quickstep" 
N:- VMP, John Roose MS, No 784, (1850) as "In Carolina Whar I Woz Born"
N:- VMP, T. Westrop, "120 Country Dances", No 117, (1860s) as "The Cracovienne"
N:- Kerr's v.1, No 402 (c.1878) as "The Krakoviak"
N:- Kerr's v.4, No 420 (c. 1880's) as "Cracovienne Polka"
N:Related tunes collected in Australia:
N:- by John Meredith, from George Davis, as "George Davis' Heel and Toe Polka", Folk Songs of Australia, v.1 p 222
"G"G>A B>e|dB2c|de/d/ "D7"cA|"G"GB2A|G>A B>e|dB B>c|"D7"de/d/ cF|A"G"G3:|
|:"G"B>d ge|dBB2|de/d/ "D7"cA|"G"GB2c|dB/d/ ge|dB B>c|"D7"de/d/ cA|AG"G"G2:|

Kath McCaughey's Maypole Polka No 1 - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

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