Katia Waltz

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T:Katia Waltz
% NFF Book 2015
C:Arthur Bowley, (1913-2006)
Z:arranged by Greg O'Leary
N:For the St. Bernard's Waltz
O:Australia, NSW, Marshall Mount
"G"D2 G2 B2 |e2 d3 B |"D7"d4 ^c2 |c6 |D2 F2 A2 |c2 f2 d2 |"C"e4 d2 |"G"B6 |
D2 G2 B2 |e2 d3 B |"D7"d4 ^c2 |c6 |d2 c2 D2 |B4 A2 |"G"(G6 |G4) gg |
g2 f2 e2 |d2 c2 B2 |"D7"d2 c2 A2 |F4 ff |f2 e2 d2 |c2 B2 A2 |"G"G2 B2 e2 |d4 gg |
g2 f2 e2 |d2 c2 B2 |"D7"d2 c2 A2 |F4 ff |d2 c2 D2 |B4 A2 |"G"(G6 |G6) |

Katia Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

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