Mary Jane Waltz (The)

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T:The Mary Jane Waltz
T:Midnight Waltz
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Stan Treacy, Limerick, NSW
S:collected by Brad Tate and Dave de Hugard
H:"This tune, ‘The Mary Jane Waltz’ was mistakenly given the title ‘Midnight 
H:Waltz’ by Brad Tate in his 1988 publication, ‘Down and Outback’.  I was present 
H:with Brad on the occasion and recorded the whole session. What happened was this: 
H:Stan had just finished playing a waltz and while he was taking a breath to go on 
H:to another tune, Brad asked Stan what that tune was? Stan not comprehending the 
H:context of the question went on to say the name of the tune he was about to play. 
H:He said. "The Midnight Waltz" and then went on to play it. Brad unfortunately 
H:misunderstood what had happened and went on to call the earlier tune ‘The Midnight 
H:Waltz’ and so this is how ‘The Mary Jane Waltz’ appeared as ‘Midnight Waltz’ in 
H:Brad’s ‘Down and Outback’. It is worth knowing that the two tunes that Stan played, 
one after the other, ‘The Mary Jane Waltz’ & ‘Midnight Waltz’ were both in the Treacy 
H:78 record collection. They were recorded in 1930 and 1929 respectively by the 
H:Kessinger brothers (The Old Fashioned Boys’) and the Stripling brothers. These were 
H:popular tunes and were widely distributed among traditional players." 
H:  Dave de Hugard, Feb 2017
N:This tune also collected in Australia by:
N:- John Meredith, from Tom Chapman, Mudgee, as "Sally's Flat Waltz", See FSA Vol 2, p 240 
B:p77, Down and Outback, Brad Tate, Popinjay Publications, 1988
O:Australia, NSW, Limerick

The Mary Jane Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

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