Onboard Waltz (The)

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T:The Onboard Waltz
T:Koster Waltz
C:David Hellstrom (1883 - 1965)
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected from the Brown boys, Cape Barron Island, Tas
H:The Brown Boys were decendants of Aboriginals who lived on Cape Barron Island.
H:This tune was routinly played by them 'onboard' ships that visited the Island.
H:This tune was also collected from Eileen McCoy & the Dawsons, Tasmania.
H:David Hellstrom was a Swedish composer from the province of Bohuslan.
H:He was born September 23, 1883 in Stromstad and died there on April 7, 1965
H:at the age of eighty-one.
H:As a young man he enlisted in the Royal Bohuslan Regiment,
H:where he studied music and played the French horn. He returned to
H:civilian life after attaining the rank of sergeant.
H:After leaving the military Hellstrom continued with his musical activities,
H:composing both waltzes and marches. He often worked with lyricist Goran Svenning.
H:In 1907 the two men submitted Kostervalsen in a Bohuslan contest for the
H:province's best new melody. Their entry was disqualified when the jury ruled
H:it was 'too suggestive'. Despite the setback, the partnership endured and
H:produced many memorable songs.
H:In 1962 David Hellstrom was awarded the Fred Winter prize for his
H:contributions to Swedish music."
"A7"e3fe2|"G"d4B2|"A7"[c4e4]d2|c2 (3BcB A2|e4 ef|e2d2e2|"D"[A6f6]|[A4f4]A2||
"D"AA AF Ad|f4 (3efe|"G"d2 d2 B2|"D"A6|"G"B3A Bd|g2g2 (3fgf|"Em"e4d2|B6|
"A7"c3B ce|a2a2 (3faf|"D"d3A df|a2a2 aa|"A7"a2g2 (3ege|"G"B4"A7"c2|"D"d3dd2|d6||

The Onboard Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

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