Sally Sloane's Set Tune

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T:Sally Sloane's Set Tune
% NFF Book 2014
S:collected from Sally Sloane
S:collected by the Bush Music Club
S:from the playing of Jamie Carlin
Z:transcribed by David Johnson
N:Other versions:
N:- VMP, Browne Family MS.13, No 66, (c.1825) as "The Village Boy, Quadrille"
N:- VMP, George Spencer MS, No 37, (1831) as "La Fantase"
N:- VMP, Lionel Winslip MS, No 132, (1831) as "Quadrille"
N:- VMP, John Hall MS, No 35, (1833) as "Trip to Cottingham"
N:- Elias Howe, "The Musician's Companion", No 21363 (1843) as "Hurricane Sett (tune 3)"
N:- Kerrs v.1, No 236, (c.1875) as "Garcon Volange"
N:This tune was collected in Australia from:
N:- Alexander Laing MS, Tasmania (1863), p 14, Tasmanian State Archives as "Mrs G.Burns of Roslyn"
N:- Sally Sloane, Bathurst NSW, as "Sally Sloane's Barn Dance" & "Sally's Jig"
N:- Joe Yates, Sofala, NSW as "Joe Yates Jig No 4 - Lancers Fig 2"
N:- Pop Holland's Jig, (in this collection)
H:I learnt the tune from Jamie Carlin, one of the stalwarts of the
H:Bush Music Club when I first went.  We were performing at Australiana
H:Village near Sydney one Sunday and Jamie remembered it and played
H:it when I asked if he knew any of Sally's tunes.  Sally was a life
H:member of the BMC in recognition of her immense contribution to
H:Australian folk music.  A formidable woman who showed me once, quite
H:forcefully, how to do the varsovienna. I have a copy of Sally playing
H:the tune in Meredith's first collection from the National Library.
H:They couldn't find it presumably because the name you used is not
H:as Meredith named it. Sally played it for a figure of one of the
H:quadrilles so he just noted it as a "set tune". It is on cassette
H:and it will take some time to locate it and transfer it for you.
H:[I have just gone to check the index of the collection and it is
H:listed on tape 14 A Item 3 as "Set Tune". I have handwritten on
H:this that it is "just as Jamie played it". The index doesn't specify
H:what instrument she played (She was adept on fiddle, box, whistle,
H:and I think concertina though she didn't have one)] It is interesting
H:to note that in your recording and music the triplets in the first
H:two bars which are eminently suited to box players and awkward on
H:the fiddle have been adapted to suit the fiddle and yet played on
H:the box. Ah, the folk process.
H:I have included a pdf and abc file of the tune as I know it.
H:Dave Johnson
O:Australia, NSW, Lithgow
|:"D"DAF DAF|"A7"EAF EAF|"D"DAd cBc|f2e e3|
"D"DAF DAF|"A7"EAF EAF|"D"DAd "A7"cBc|1e2d"D"d2D:|2e2d"D"d2e||
|:"D"f3d2f|"A7"fed e2f|g3 c2e|"Em"edB "A"A3|
"D"f3d2f|"A7"fed e2f|g3 c2e|1edd "D"d2d:|2edd "D"d2F/G/||
|:"D"A3 "A7"GFG|"D"A3 "A7"GFG|"D"AFA dcd|fef fed|
"A7"G3 E2F|G3 E2F|ABA GFE|1"D"D3-D2F/G/:|2"D"D3-D2z:|

Sally Sloane's Set Tune - played by Greg O'Leary

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