Snake In the Long Grass

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T:Snake In the Long Grass
% NFF Book 2018
S:collected from Rita Croker, Mungindi, NSW
S:collected by Chris Sullivan
Z:transcribed by Mark Rummery
N:Rita used treble chords and octaves a lot,
N:so I have included some duplicate bars showing these -- Mark Rummery, May 2017
H:This tune came through Jeff Lawrie at the Morisett Gathering in May 2017
O:Australia, NSW, Mungindi
R:Step Tune
(3EGc|"D"d2(3FAF DF Ad|"A"cB GF B4|Bd cB AG FE|"D"D2(3DFA "A"B3A|
"D"d2(3FAF DF Ad|"A"cB GF B4|Bd cB AG FE|"D"Dd AF D2"A"E2|
"A"ED (3FAF "D"D2[D2F2]|[DF]G "A"(3BcB G2B2|ED (3FAF "D"D2FD|"A"A,C (3EGE C2[C2E2]|
"A"ED (3FAF "D"D2[D2F2]|"A"[DF][EG] (3BcB G2[G2B2]|"A"Bd cB AG FE|"D"Dd "A"AF "D"[D2d2](3GBc||

Snake In the Long Grass - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
| Chris Sullivan | Mark Rummery | Rita Croker |