Splinter Mcleod's Waltz

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T:Splinter Mcleod's Waltz
% NFF Book 2023
% Bush Traditions recording played by Chris Hayden
S:collected from Norm McConnell, Echlin South, Vic
S:by John Meredith
N:This is a familiar tune. It is the Berrimal Waltz in Jig time.
B/c/|:"G"d2e | d2B/A/|G3 | GDG|B2d | c/B/ A/G/ F/E/|"D"D3 | D2G|
"D"A2G | A2B|"D7"c3 | c2B/c/|"C"e2d | e2d|1"G"B3- | B2B/c/:|2"G"G3 -| GAB ||
|:"G"D>E D| DAB|D>ED | D2B|"D"A2B | "D7"c2e|"G"d3- | d2B/c/ |
"G"D>E D| DAB|D>ED | D2B|A2B | "D"c2A | "D7"G3 | "G"G2z |]
%%begintext align
This tune is an adaption of the melody in Splinter McCloud's Jig,
a tune learnt from Scottish piper and drummer 'Splinter' McLeod,
at Noorat sometime in the 1920s.  The original is undiscovered as
yet but John Meredith records that Splinter McCloud's forebears
came from the Hebrides and they may have brought it with them.

Splinter Mcleod's Waltz - played by Chris Hayden

Additional Information

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