St Patrick's Day

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T:St Patrick's Day
% NFF Book 2023
% Bush Traditions recording played by Leon Conway
S:collected by Peter Ellis
B:Peter Ellis (ed), Collectors Choice Vol 1, Victorian Folk Music Club Inc., 1986, p18
N:Older versions of this tune:
N:- Elias Howe, Musicians Companion, First Part, No 10461, (1842) as "St Partricks Day in the Morning"
N:Other versions of this tune collected in Australia:
N:- from Joe Yates, by John Meredith, see NLA Bib ID 2165
N:- by the Bush Music Club from Herb Gimbert
N:- by Peter Ellis, "Collectors Choice" Vol 2 p20, p88, p105, p149, p159
D|"G"G>AG GAB | d>ed dBG | "D7"A>GA "G"BGD | "C"E>DE E2D |
"G"G>AG GAB | d>ed dBG | "D7"A>GA "G"BGD | "C"E2"D7" F"G"G2:]
d|"G"def "C"g2e | "G"f2e "C"efg | "G"def "G"g2e | "D7"fed "G"e2d |
"G"G>AG GAB | d>ed dBG | "D7"A>GA "G"BGD | "C"E2"D7" F"G"G2:]

St Patrick's Day - played by Leon Conway

Additional Information

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