Uncle Charlie's Schottische

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T:Uncle Charlie's Schottische
% NFF Book 2010
S:collected from Edie Dawson & Paddy Dawson
S:collected by Stuart Graham & Julie Edwards
B:Fred Pribac & Stuart Graham, 'Tasmanian Dance Tunes', Cygnet Folk Festival, 2000
B,>C|:"G"D>B (3BAB B>G A>B|"C"c>B c>G "Am"E2A>G|"D7"(3FGF (3FGF E>D D>D|1"C"E>D E>D"G".B2(3B,CB,:|2D>c B>A "G".G2 (3B,CB,||
|:"G"D>B A>GD2 (3DED|"C"E>c c>A "Am"E2A>G|"D7"F>G A>B c>A (3FED|1"G"(3GDG B>G D2 (3B,CB,:|2"G"(3GDG B>AG2||

Uncle Charlie's Schottische - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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