Vera Cotter's Schottische

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T:Vera Cotter's Schottische
% NFF Book 2018
S:collected from Vera Cotter, Binalong, NSW
S:collected by Chris Sullivan and Jacko Kevans
Z:transcribed by Tony Stuart
H:The last 16 bars are a version of the "Woodland Flowers Schottische"
N:NLA Bib ID 5197352 & 5197347
O:Australia, NSW, Binalong
zG|"C"(3Gce (3gecG4|"F"(3Adf (3afd A3B/A/|"G7"G>A B>c g>f (3dBG|a2g2"C"g2(3AGA|
(3Gce (3gecG4|"F" (3Adf (3afd A3B/A/|"G7"G>A B>c g>f (3dBG|d2c>B"C"c4|
"C"G>e d>c G>e d>c|"F"(3ABA d>fa2z2|"C" g>e "G7"f>d "C"e>c "G7"d>B|"C"(3cde (3dcAG4|
"C"G>e d>c G>e d>c|"F"(3ABA d>fa2z2|"C"g>e "G7"f>d "C"e>c "G7"A>B|"C"c2c2c2"G7"d2||
"C"(3edc G>G (3edc G>G|"F"(3fed A>A (3fed A>A|"G7"G>A B>c g>f (3dcB|"F"a2g2"C"g2(3Bcd|
"C"(3edc G>G (3edc G>G|"F"(3fed A>A (3fed A>A|"G7"G>A B>c g>f (3dcB|"F" d2"C" c2"C"c2z2||

Vera Cotter's Schottische - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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