Vince Holland's Schottische

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T:Vince Holland's Schottische
% NFF Book 2023
% Bush Traditions recording played by Leon Conway
S:collected from Vince Holland, Mudgee
S:collected by John Meredith, ISBN 0 86840 002 5
B:J Meredith, H Anderson, Folk Songs of Australia Vol 1, UNSW Press, 1967, p231
N:Related tunes collected in Australia
N:- by Dave de Hugard, from Dooley Chapman, as "Dooley Chapman's Schottische No 2"
N:- by Dave de Hugard, from Clem O'Neales as "Clem O'Neales' Schottische No 2"
N:- by John Meredith, from Stan Treacy as "Stan Treacy's Schottische"
N:- By John Meredith, from John Warn as "Old Bill Edward's Schottische"
N:- by Chris Sullivan & Mark Rummery, from Charlie Batchelor as "George Parkin's Schottische"
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Collected in the 1950s, Meredith refers to this tune as 'a shottische
without a name, but a really effective tune'.

Vince Holland's Schottische - played by Leon Conway

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